February 28, 2024

Knitting Yarn Lights Up the Room with Knit Lamp Shades

I’m obsessed with the idea of knit lampshades. Sure, there are a few things to keep in mind if you decide to decorate your light fixtures with knitting yarn. Be careful and select flame-resistant materials. Consider using a buffer material between the yarn and the bulb. Use caution when choosing acrylic or other man-made materials, too much heat can melt them.

But after considering the safety warnings, I still think these home décor knitting patterns are ten shades of fabulous. A knitting yarn lamp shade takes the idea of knit home décor to another level. They bring visual interest and a certain warm, fuzzy feeling to any room they grace. These are a few of our favorite knit lamp shade finds. If you have a favorite, tell us about it in the comment line below!

knitted lights

Photo Credit: strovska

This hydra lamp from Rachel Braff is a unique way to repurpose Christmas lights. Not only does the knit fabric defuse the light and give it a special twinkling effect, these strands look amazing. It’s a whole new way to introduce lighting to a room. This pattern includes some great suggestions for combining knitting and lighting safely, and I highly suggest anyone thinking of attempting these projects takes a look.

knitted lamp shade

Photo Credit: Interweave Press

Many of the examples of knit lamp shades I’ll share with you involve knitting over paper lanterns. This not only puts a layer of material between your knit and the bulb, it gives you a ready-made shape to work with and decorate. This paper lantern knit from Kristi Schueler is intricate, giving the light just enough room to shine through and warm the room. I love it.

knit cozy

Photo Credit: Karen Janina

For a bit more low-fi knit lighting solution, this jam jar tea light cozy from Ravelry’s Karen Janine is a sweet take. The glass jar will help with fire safety, and the resulting light can be any shade you care to knit this free pattern in.

knit shade

Photo Credit: Maja Rose

The Anna’s lampshade pattern from Maja Rose showcases a fun diamond pattern and utilizes fun button detailing to keep it interesting. My taste is a bit more flashy, so I would love to see this pattern knit up in a wild, variegated red knitting yarn then given a punch of gold with shiny buttons. But hey, to each their own.

knit lamp

Photo Credit: Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne

I couldn’t write an article about knitting yarn and lighting without including this amazing knitting pattern by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne, the minds behind the fabulous Mason-Dixon Knitting blog, books and community. This knitting pattern appears in their Mason-Dixon Knitting Outside the Lines book, and is a great example of how unconventional knits can bring a smart pop of color to your lighting.

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