March 24, 2023

Suit Style Men’s Crochet Scarf Pattern

This Suit Style men’s crochet scarf pattern is the perfect look to pair with a suit or with a business casual look. This free pattern is perfect crochet scarf to make for men.

My husband wears a suit to work every day and has to walk outside from the train to his office. He needs a cozy scarf to keep him warm and I wanted to make something for him to wear to match his suits and dressier overcoat.

Many of the men’s scarf patterns are gorgeous, but they are more casual or really bulky and I wanted something with a lower profile and a smoother look to blend in with his business attire.

So, working with him, we came up with this Suit Style Men’s Crochet Scarf pattern!


Here’s a nice scarf for the guys!


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